Children’s Swimming Lessons Werribee

Our Werribee centre caters to all level of swimmers from parent and baby classes, toddler and pre-school classes, school age group classes, squad sessions and private classes for adults and swimmers with additional needs. Classes are run 7 days a week, so there is sure to be a class at a time to suit your families schedule.

Werribee pool has 3 pools in a quiet location with ample parking.

The centre boasts a 25m lap pool heated to 30-31 degrees, a 12.5m learning pool heated to 32-33 degrees and a multipurpose pool with disability ramp access, extra deep water end for safety and hydro therapy and spa massage jets.

All the pools use a three phase disinfection system including UV, Ozone and sand filtration. Mineral salt chlorination is also used for softer water gentle on the skin.

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Our Werribee Teaching Team

Natalie Clarke
Natalie ClarkeFounder Swim4All
BethanyTeacher / Receptionist
TrudeAssistant Manager
LeesaSenior Teacher/Receptionist
MaizyTeacher/ Receptionist
TatianaTeacher / Receptionist

FAQ Werribee

How big is your pool and how deep?
We have three pools at Swim 4 All Werribee. The Hydro pool has steps entering the 12.5m learning pool. The shallow end is 0.9m and it gradually goes down to 1.4m in depth. The Multipurpose pool is 11m long with a ramp entry. It has a very shallow end for little swimmers (0.5m) and drops down to 1.6m in depth for diving and water safety activities. The large lap pool is 25m long with a large step entry. It is 1.2m in depth the whole length.

Are the pools heated?
Yes, all three pools are heated.
The hydro pool and the Multipurpose pool are both heated to 32-33 degrees.
The lap pool is heated to 30-31 degrees.

How long does each class go for?
The group and private learn to swim classes run for 30 minutes and squad classes run 60 minutes.

How often will my child be swimming a week?
Children are generally enrolled in one class per week. If you would like your child to improve at a faster rate they are welcome to enrol in a second class per week.

Does my child have to wear a swim cap and googles?
Swim cap and googles are not compulsory however once children are ready to submerge, they generally progress quicker with googles. There are a range of quality goggles for sale at the centre. Caps are also available for purchase but are not compulsory.

At what age can my child swim by themselves?
Generally, children are ready to participate in a small group class (4 or less swimmers) without a parent from 3 years of age. Children under the age of three generally benefit from a parent in the water to assist their learning in one of our parent and child classes run daily at our Werribee facility.

Am I required to stay in the centre during my child’s lesson?
Children under 10 must be taken to the teacher and not left until you are sure the teacher is supervising them. You must ensure you are there at the end of the lesson to collect your child.
We prefer you stay in the centre during your child’s lesson in case they need you for a toilet break or medical reason. If you need to leave for any reason, please notify reception.

Can my child have a swim after their class?
Swim 4 All has public swimming only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9.30am – 12.30pm. If your child swims in a weekday morning class, you are more than welcome join your child for a swim after their class. There is a fee for all swimmers who enter the pool. Please note we do not allow children under 10 to be in the water without a responsible adult or teacher.

Do you charge a spectator fee?
No! We welcome family members to watch their children learn to swim.

What happens when we are unable to attend a class?
If you are unable to attend a swimming session you are required cancel the class online. If you provide more than 24 hours’ notice of the absence you will receive a makeup class which is used in addition to your child’s regular class.

Do you run through the term breaks and the Christmas holidays?
We take a short break during the Christmas school holidays, otherwise we are only closed on Public holidays.

What kind of filtration system do you use?
The Swim 4 All pool water is filtered 3 times through UV, Ozone and Sand filters. This unique water treatment system that combines UV and Ozone together provides sparkling clear, ultra-safe water for all users. This process uses less chlorine for a better swimming environment, and removes contaminants that chlorine alone can’t. We have also incorporated mineral salts for softer water that is gentle on the skin.

Do you offer private classes?
Yes, we do offer private classes to swimmers who wish to fast track their learning, or to swimmers who may require extra assistance.

Do you offer adult classes?
We offer private lessons for our adult clients as we believe this is the fastest and therefore most economical way for adults to learn to swim.

How long will it take to learn how to swim?
Every swimmer comes to us with a different background and set of abilities and skills. We endeavour to ensure every swimmer reaches their swimming potential as quickly as possible. We have the best teachers, smallest class sizes and largest pool area per class to ensure this. Once swimmers have completed some lessons with us, we can better estimate how quickly they will progress through our levels.

When and how often will my child get assessed?
Each of our 10 learn to swim levels has 12 -13 skills that each swimmer works towards achieving. When swimmers achieve new skills, the teacher can update it online. This is continuously done throughout the year. These updates can be viewed by guardians via the online portal. You can print out the pdf certificates from the system for your fridge!

If the teacher feels your child has progressed at a different rate to other children in the class, reception will work with you to find a suitable day and time for the new level.

Are you open for public swimming?
Swim 4 All Werribee has public swimming only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Can you use your NDIS funds for lessons?
Many of our clients has successfully access NDIS funding to contribute to or completely fund their swimming lessons.

What is the Swim 4 All Online Portal?
The Swim 4 All Online Portal allows guardians the ability to log on via your phone or computer to cancel classes, book makeups, see your child’s progress and make payments. As soon as you enrol you can log on with your email address and a password you choose.