Children’s Swimming Lessons Murrumbeena

Our Murrumbeena program is run from an 18m, 4 lane pool heated to 32-33 degrees. The program operates only on weekends and specialises in private classes for swimmers with additional needs with a few mainstream group sessions available.

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Our Murrumbeena Teaching Team

Natalie Clarke
Natalie ClarkeFounder Swim4All
CarolineSenior Teacher / Deck Supervisor
Maddy C
Maddy COT Consultant
EllaReception / Fill in Teacher

FAQ Murrumbeena

How big is your pool and how deep?
We have one pool 18m pool, which is 4 lanes wide. The pool has steps entering the pool and gradually goes from 0.6m to 1.4m.

Is the pool heated?
Yes, the pool is heated to 32-33 degrees.

How long does each class go for?
Both our mainstream group classes and private classes run for 30 minutes.

How often will my child be swimming a week?
Children are enrolled in one class a week. If you would like your child to improve at a faster rate, they can enrol in a second class per week.

Does my child have to wear a swim cap and googles?
Swim cap and googles are not compulsory however once children are ready to submerge, they generally progress quicker with googles.

There are a range of quality goggles for sale at the centre.

Am I required to stay in the centre during my child’s lesson?
Children under 10 must be taken to the teacher and not left until you are sure the teacher is supervising them. You must ensure you are there at the end of the lesson to collect your child. We prefer you stay in the centre during your child’s lesson in case they need you for a toilet break or medical reason. If you need to leave for any reason, please notify reception.

Can my child have a swim after their class?
No, unfortunately we do not have space for free swimming after class as the pool is taken up by classes.

Do you charge a spectator fee?
No! We like to encourage parents to watch the lessons.

What happens when we are unable to attend a class?
If you are unable to attend a swimming session you are required cancel the class online. If you provide more than 24 hours’ notice of the absence you will receive a makeup class which is used in addition to your child’s regular class.

Do you run through the term breaks and the Christmas holidays?
We take a short break during the Christmas school holidays, otherwise we are only closed on Public holidays.

What kind of filtration system do you use?
The pools filtration is salt chlorinated.

Do you offer group classes?
Yes, we do offer mainstream group classes however since we are a private facility directed to kids with disabilities, we only have few mainstream group classes available.

Do you offer private classes?
Yes, we mainly focus on private lessons for kids who may have additional needs or a disability or clients who wish to fast track their learning.

Do you offer adult classes?
We offer private lessons for our adult clients as we believe this is the fastest and therefore most economical way for adults to learn to swim.

How long will it take to learn how to swim?
Every swimmer comes to us with a different background and set of abilities and skills. We endeavour to ensure every swimmer reaches their swimming potential as quickly as possible. We have the best teaches, smallest class sizes and largest pool area per class to ensure this. Once swimmers have completed some lessons with us, we can better estimate how quickly they will progress.

When and how often will my child get assessed?
For private lessons there are 18 categories of specific skills which swimmers can work towards. We do not use levels so that private lessons can be tailored to each individual child’s needs. For our group classes we have 10 learn to swim levels which each swimmer works towards achieving.

When swimmers achieve new skills, their teacher updates it online. This is continuously done throughout the year. These updates can be viewed online through the parent portal.

Are you opened for public swimming?
No, we only offer lessons.

Can you use your NDIS funds for lessons?
Many of our clients successfully access NDIS funding to contribute to or completely fund their swimming lessons. Please consult your NDIS Plan Manager for funding enquiries.

What is the swim 4 all online system?
The Swim 4 All online system allows our parents and staff to access all the information about your lessons online from any device. Once you are enrolled at Swim 4 All, you will automatically receive an online profile.

This profile will allow you to cancel classes, book makeups, see your child’s progress and make payments and much more.