World record Kite board crossing achieved by Natalie Clarke on 22nd March 2010!

Natalie completed the Bass Strait crossing leaving from Stanley Beach in Tasmania at 6.30am in darkness and landed by the cliffs of Venus Bay at 4pm in the afternoon. It took 9 hours and thirty five minutes to complete the 240km.

The trip resulted in several world records including the first kiteboarder kite from land in Tasmania to land in Victoria, the fastest crossing of Bass Strait by kiteboard and the longest distance ever kited by a woman in the world.

It was a hard, long trip fraught with danger… but well worth the all the preparation and effort.

The purpose of the journey was to build awareness and secure more facilities to provide swimming lessons to children with autism and other disabilities and additional needs.

The day after the crossing was completed Natalie from Swim 4 All was notified about the Werribee pool sale which was purchased several years later and the Swim 4 All special needs program integrated into the mainstream program that was running at the pool at the time of purchase.

Additionally the Swim 4 Special Needs Foundation was formed to continue raising funds, hiring more facilities and helping more families in need.

Natalie Clarke Bass Strait
Kiting in Bass Strait
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