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    So great to have all our swimmers back in the pool! * We will be open over the school holidays but closed .... * *The Easter long weekend Friday 15th April to Monday 18th April.*

    Swim 4 All provides private and group classes to all specialising in children with special needs. Our teachers are Austswim qualified and disability trained.

    Lessons are half an hour in duration and are guided by the swimmers specific needs and the level criteria in the Swim 4 All program.



What our Clients say:

Hi Natalie. You won’t remember me but your infectious enthusiasm has played a part in my young mans love of the water. He came to Swim 4 All as a 6 year old, with autism & an intellectual impairment. Cameron is now 18 & on Sunday he won the...
Dayle Marshallhttp://
After just 7 lessons my daughter is swimming across the pool without stopping as well doing freestyle. Before coming to you she was struggling to keep her body up or even do a torpedo after 7 terms of lessons at another swim school. Thank you so much the difference...
Ella is having such a wonderful time, you guys are brilliant teachers. She looks forward to her swimming every week! Shes loving being a little fish!
Teachers are wonderful and have been patient with Ajdin. Definitely value for money. Ajdin really enjoys his lessons and loves Jacqui.
Amira Lalic.http://
Prices are competitive, policy with lesson cancellation and makeup is very fair and teachers are great!
Leanne Ralstonhttp://
I’m happy with my son’s progress, given it’s his first year of swimming lesson. Keep up the good work Sienna!
Shaun Ellulhttp://
Quite happy with lessons especially the level 2 for my son. He is learning heaps.
Great encouragement is provided to students throughout the lessons, emphasis on safety. The continued development of students is encouraged and a priority.
I am happy with the way the centre is run.
Staffs are very friendly and helpful. I’m super happy with both boy’s lessons and teachers. They are both getting back into swimming again which is great
I’m very happy with Jake; he is a very great teacher. The water quality is in excellent conditions of the pools. I’m happy it’s not over crowded. It’s great value for money!
Gabriela Ivankovichttp://
The swim teachers are fantastic at building confidence and encouraging little swimmers in developing skills around water.
Brigitte Bentleyhttp://
I’m very happy with Bernie. Josh has made a huge improvement since seeing her. Quieter environment compared to some swim centres.
Kirstie Parker. http://
I like being able to book makeup lessons online. The small class sizes are great and also the teachers are great.
Lyndel Frosthttp://
Swim 4 All has great staff; they are friendly and patient with kids. They are very informative and work together with the children and their families to achieve swimming goals.
Jess Bowenhttp://
Swim 4 All has great staff; they are friendly and patient with kids. They are very informative and work together with the children and their families to achieve swimming goals
Jessica Wilsonhttp://
Small class sizes are great and the consistency of teachers really helps the kid’s progress. The caring nature of everyone makes for a great learning environment.
Seana Quinnhttp://
Friendly staff and happy with the way the teachers interact with the children. You can see the progress with the kids each week.
Sarah Carlylehttp://
Very happy with the quality of swimming my children have learnt. It’s value for money and I’m very happy all round.
Rebecca Lunsonhttp://
We love Ian. His great with the kids.
Great teachers! Teddy’s confidence and skills has really grown under Ian’s guidance.
Corrine Hallhttp://
That our child is not just a number! Instructors are extremely confident, friendly and reliable. Reception staff are always awesome.
Anthoula Driscollhttp://
Can’t complain! My kids have fun, teachers are friendly and the rest of the staff are as well. Thanks!
Brett Fletcherhttp://
So far, it’s great, very affordable. Amy is a great teacher, always smiling and communicates positively.
Tracey Liddyhttp://
I’m happy with everything
Stacey DeGroothttp://
Love the friendly approach of staff and teachers. Love the small class size and love that the teachers are dedicated to improving children’s swimming skills.
Helen Chanhttp://
Our kids have made really good progress and it’s just been a couple of months. We are very happy. Please keep up the staff keenness, willingness and listen to the parents and work with their schedule to offer lessons. Also, it’s great that group lessons are limited to 4...
My Son is enjoying every swimming lesson. Loves Jake and Bronwyn. It’s my son’s 1st day today with Bronwyn and enjoyed a lot. Thanks
Neha Patelhttp://
Great verbal instruction and hands on technique. Re-enforced lesson plans and positive feedback. Keep up the good work and great staff.
Peter Kaplonhttp://
Great service and the teachers are awesome with kids
Sarah Vyashttp://
My kids have been swimming here for 3 years, the staff are great, and the classes are small
Bronwyn Davidhttp://
I have just started going to the water aerobics, everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcome. Plus my grandson has started swimming lessons at Swim 4 All Werribee and he just loves it
Anne Westonhttp://
Great place to learn to swim, the boys are doing so well with their teacher Ian
Lisa Steward Sayershttp://
The kids love swimming here and the teachers and staff are awesome
Justin Waltonhttp://
I started bringing my two children for swim lessons here a couple of months ago and already I have a lot more confidence in their ability to be safe in water. They enjoy coming to lessons and meeting the others in the pool. Thumbs up and a huge thank...
Chris the best Dadhttp://
My daughter was lacking water confidence even after starting swimming at a young age. At her old swim school she honestly seemed to have a different teacher for each lesson. It's very hard for a 3 year old to build confidence with a stranger each & every week. Now...
Megan Dunsterhttp://
My little man Jackson has swimming lessons at Weribee with George. An amazing and patient young man who really has helped our boy so much. We are thrilled with the attention and care our boy receives. Highly recommmend!!
Kristy Roleshttp://
It's a great place and my kids love their teacher.
Natalie Palmerhttp://
Well managed facility. Good instructors. Highly recommend for any age of kids.
Nikunj Trapasiyahttp://
High quality service and very friendly staff. Kids are very happy?.
Lisa Caruanahttp://
My (now) 3-year-old son has been going to lessons here for about a year. We have been extremely happy with the instructors, facilities, management, and fees/payment plan (particularly in comparison with one of the other larger, more expensive, operators in the area).
Luke Careyhttp://
My son has been swimming at Swim 4 All for a couple of years. The lessons are well structured and cater for each child's ability. We have had some wonderful teachers, not only do they keep the little ones entertained, they teach them all the basics of water safety...
Alicia Garciahttp://
I highly recommend Swim 4 All. My daughter has been going to classes there for a while now and has advanced in confidence and skill nicely . The staff are great and by simply talking to them about any situation they are quick to resolve it....
Geraldine Shttp://
Kids love their lessons here and are getting more and more confident by every lesson The teachers and staff are awesome with the kids and very helpful.
Justin Waltonhttp://
I have 3 kids who attend and I could not be any happier with the centre! They have such patience with the kids, and excellent communication when needing to change or cancel a lesson. My 5yo was terrified of water and after a few months here he is so...
Kerry Valencichhttp://
Thanks to Natalie’s program, we are now able to take family trips to places with swimming pools or the beach and have fun like any other family. Without the Swim 4 All program, I would have nowhere else to send my 2 Autistic children for swimming lessons and would...
My son is 6 years’ old, and has autism and a mild intellectual disability. He does not talk and is not otherwise able to communicate to any significant degree. He finds it difficult to concentrate on tasks, can exhibit difficult behaviours and is not as physically co-ordinated as a...
Nicole & Scott
My son Ryan is 26 years of age and has a severe intellectual disability, autism and epilepsy. Although Ryan is mobile he tends to shuffle when walking, has no perception of height or depth and has very limited language. His lesson at Swim 4 All each Thursday afternoon is...
Sue Vella
My 3 children, 1 with Down's, has been swimming at Murrumbeena for 18 months, and they love it. Natalie and her team are doing amazing work, every time we are at Murrumbeena I am astonished at how good the instructors are at what they do.
Magdaleen Arangies-Grimbeek
Natalie Clarke and the Swim 4 All team not only has the interests of your special needs child at heart but also considers the welfare of the broader family. We are not just a number filing in for our half hour lesson on a Sunday morning, and then filing...
Marina Kilgour
Swim for all gives me a rest, I can relax, chat to other like parents while my Autistic daughter and my typically developing daughter learn how to swim. In just 8 months my Autistic daughter has learnt to jump in the deep end and get herself out. This means...
Maria Sweeney
It was a great relief to find a swim school that was able to accommodate both our children, especially for Daniel who has autism. The teachers are wonderful and sensitive to their needs. Our boys enjoy their classes, as well as their play time after their class. Swim 4...
Anna & Peter
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