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Your swimmer enjoying reaching their potential is our goal!

    Swim 4 All provides private and group classes to all specialising in children with special needs. Our teachers are Austswim qualified and disability trained.

    Lessons are half an hour in duration and are guided by the swimmers specific needs and the level criteria in the Swim 4 All program.

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What our Clients say:

Thanks to Natalie’s program, we are now able to take family trips to places with swimming pools or the beach and have fun like any other family. Without the Swim 4 All program, I would have nowhere else to send my 2 Autistic children for swimming lessons and would...
My son is 6 years’ old, and has autism and a mild intellectual disability. He does not talk and is not otherwise able to communicate to any significant degree. He finds it difficult to concentrate on tasks, can exhibit difficult behaviours and is not as physically co-ordinated as a...
Nicole & Scott
My son Ryan is 26 years of age and has a severe intellectual disability, autism and epilepsy. Although Ryan is mobile he tends to shuffle when walking, has no perception of height or depth and has very limited language. His lesson at Swim 4 All each Thursday afternoon is...
Sue Vella
My 3 children, 1 with Down's, has been swimming at Murrumbeena for 18 months, and they love it. Natalie and her team are doing amazing work, every time we are at Murrumbeena I am astonished at how good the instructors are at what they do.
Magdaleen Arangies-Grimbeek
Natalie Clarke and the Swim 4 All team not only has the interests of your special needs child at heart but also considers the welfare of the broader family. We are not just a number filing in for our half hour lesson on a Sunday morning, and then filing...
Marina Kilgour
Swim for all gives me a rest, I can relax, chat to other like parents while my Autistic daughter and my typically developing daughter learn how to swim. In just 8 months my Autistic daughter has learnt to jump in the deep end and get herself out. This means...
Maria Sweeney
It was a great relief to find a swim school that was able to accommodate both our children, especially for Daniel who has autism. The teachers are wonderful and sensitive to their needs. Our boys enjoy their classes, as well as their play time after their class. Swim 4...
Anna & Peter
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